sean plays Daylight Music.

Union Chapel Sept 19th

Sean will play a solo set at Daylight Music at the Union Chapel , Islington,Sept 19th .

Its an afternoon event. Tea and sandwiches.

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Sean and Tim remix Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen and Hans -Peter Lindstorm from Ruddans.

''Put your Arams Around Me''

Listen here courtesy of Stereogum

New Single/Collaboration

Sean O'Hagan has joined Jon Brooks from The Advisory Circle to release a 45rpm single on Ghost Box as part of the label's Other Voices release series.

Sean and Jon collaborated on both songs, Calibair and Mulclair

The record can be purchased from Ghost Box as a 7"single or a download.

Latest Album: Talahomi Way

Talahomi Way

The High Llamas album Talahomi Way is available to order on Amazon.

Upcoming Live Performances

There are no upcoming events.

Susan James new LP Sea Glass. Sean adds arrangements.

Susan James has released a new LP with  arrangemnebts  contributed by Sean O'Hagan .

 The new record Sea Glass can be purchased here from iTunes

and here for  physical copies.

Here Come The Rattling Trees Recording

Here Come The Rattling Trees  has been recorded as a full show and is about to be mixed.

The recording is the complete show  featuring performaces from all six characters . The musical content is entirely new.

Those who have seen the show  will be familiar with the  staged  format .

 For others , we hope it will be a surprise.As soon as we know the release format we will annouce it.

Aerosuite - (Sean O'Hagan remix ) The House That Jack Built Released Sept 22

 Alex von Meheren -Aerosuite  -The House That Jack Built  (Sean O'Hagan remix ) released as EP on Sept 22.

This is Sean's remix of Aerosuite from  Alex von Meheren's  LP Aeropop.

Buy here

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