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Live In Peckham

The High Llamas Present

Here Come The Rattling Trees 

The CLF Theatre Peckham

May 23rd,24th,25th  2016

Only 100 seater theatre.

Close to sell out.

Tickets Here 

 With Ray Newe,Jennifer Scott-Malden

 and Richard Heap

 The High Llamas will play  

 a set after interval.


Exclusive film.........

A trip with Sean and friends

around Peckham.



New Album

Here Come The  Rattling Trees

Available here on  iTunes 

Available here as Vinyl, CD, 



Previous Album: Talahomi Way

Talahomi Way

The High Llamas album Talahomi Way

 available to order on Amazon.




Upcoming Live Performances

25 May 2016

Here Come The Rattling Trees (Tickets Available Here)

 CLF Theatre, Bussey Building, London SE15 4ST

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Here Come The Rattling Trees Reviews.......


Record Collector

'' Where ever the High Llamas live in their minds , can we move there,  please?''



''The music of true mavericks''



''...featuring some of the groups most unabashedly pop moments ...''



 '' inspired baroque pop from sunny California to Peckham High Street.''



.... ''ambitious and exciting instalment in the history of a band who may be happy (or possibly even destined) to remain under the radar but deserve something far, far greater.''



''The lovely "Jackie" leavens the melancholy of the cafe worker’s rather drab day-to-day existence with a bouncy, harpsichord-driven swing and an impeccable chorus, and the title track recalls the early solo efforts of Paul McCartney  with bulbous bass tones and electric piano.''


A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

''The High Llamas have prepped what is one of their most lovely releases.''... 

'Like other groups with such a unique and defined sound, The High Llamas are masters at crafting little moments that bridge the past (a Beach Boys-like sense of a good tune) and the future (the rough-and-retro futurism of their mates in Stereolab). ''

Louder Than War

 '' The title track is the strongest one (the chorus will stick in your head for days) but vignettes like “McKain James” show that Sean O’Hagan’s songwriting skills still have a lot to offer. Hopefully their will be enough buyers of the new album to enable the band to put on another run of the stage production.''



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