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Sean interview and live session

19/12/13 05:22 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Go here:

You have to hear this stuff. Thx to William Hall for tipping me to this on twitter. 

19/12/13 07:29 am, zebedee, London, UK

Cool. Thanks for the tip!

21/12/13 12:34 pm,, Leeds, England

  Nice that track from the play......nylon guitar.....lovely sequence/story telling.

     Will look out for FOLIES BERGERS FILM MUSIC.

      Ring of gold was sweet......about a horse OF COURSE

       Back to the plumber in PECKHAM...

        PS its tough under a sink with a wrench!

        Regards BK

        Happy Xmas to all Llama fans

        Will check out some of the SOUTH AMERICAN INFLUENCES


09/02/14 04:35 pm, nikkeljoe, Manchester, England

That, is fantastic, thanks.