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High Llamas at Cork Film Festival. Felix The Cat

05/11/13 08:33 am, seano, ,


Nag Vladermersky  from London International Animation Festival   has organised an event happening next week at the Cork Film Festival - Sean O'Hagan and a few other Llamas performing a live soundtrack to some 1920's Felix the Cat cartoons.Here's a link to the details: 




05/11/13 08:47 am,, Leeds, England


  Hi Seano

      sounds like a great idea...................Felix the Cat....

      Back on home territory in Cork I see.

      Listening to "Stringtronics-Mindbender"  France 1972   nb

      Nini Nardini "Tropicola"

      Also listening to Gorecki's 3rd Symphony "Sorrowful " section.

      I hope your soundtrack work  goes well


21/11/13 12:56 pm, seano, ,

 Itwas magic Brian . We will  play this  show in the UK if we can . Quiet times though.

Enjoy those tunes . Sean