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Alexander von Mehren - Aéropop

21/08/13 09:52 am, Alex, Bergen, Norway

Hi, all!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my debut album, Aéropop, was released in North America yesterday! It's made available on vinyl, CD and digital formats, for example here:

The Control Group:



Other Music:


I hope you enjoy the album!

All the best, Alexander

25/08/13 09:51 am, seano, ,

 Alex is  a great talent and it was an immense pleasure to work with his great ideas on the  remix . Please check  out the record  and discover his world of arrangement.

30/08/13 05:00 am, Allan, Auckland, New Zealand

Oh wow - this is great! "Natural selection" sounds like the Llamas meet Pizzicato Five. Off to Amazon to buy this right now.

What do they have in the water in Norway? Jan Garbarek, Kings of Convenience, Magnet, Julian Berntzen, Sondre Lerche, Edvard Grieg, BigBang. And now this. Just wonderful stuff. 

21/10/13 09:03 am, brotherjohn, london, england

Really enjoying the digital download of this album!

As I don't have a booklet to go with this, could anyone tell me what Sean and or the Llamas' contributions were, in terms of coposition, arrangements or performance etc.?

Thanks in advance, and thanks to Alex for a great album.