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04/06/13 10:40 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi guys

  nice weather in the UK

  Tenerife was nice...spoke spanish and french

  Listening to Hawaiii on my wifes new smartphone

  Sublime track Tides......chill out

  Whats your fave summer music?Beach Boys?

  Whats anyone know on Sigur Ros?

  Whats new on the player?(John Grant and Hem for me)

  What Summer festivals are lined up?

  keep talking guys


06/06/13 12:02 pm, GT, , NULL

If you're interested in what Jon Brooks does (as a forthcoming collaborator with Sean), you may want to know about his 'Shapwick' album, which is currently available on pre-order here.

This is a second pressing on vinyl and probably won't be around for long, so don't hang around if you're tempted!