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Some new discoveries...

28/03/13 11:55 am, hejafish, , England

My greatest find of 2013 so far is the Italian artist Georgio Tuma:

Bought 2 of his albums off the strength of that song and they are both consistently great!

Check out my 2013 playlist on YT for more good stuff if u want...

(please excuse the Adele song... my Mum sent it to me)  



29/03/13 09:25 am,, Leeds, England

 Hi Hejafish

    listening to "Two Happy Sad Guitars"....sublime! light and fluffy.

Brazilian bananas mixed in with strawberry Stereolab.............Last FM furbishing the tracks.

    A nice find ........I can just hear him working with Seano


07/04/13 10:33 am, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA

 I want to click on it but it won't clik. I'll write it on a piece of paper and then I'll follow you. oh, that's too many letters. okay I'll do it. oh, it's so many symbols why won't it click and fizz. I am one a little bit miffed consumer.  Thanks for your suggestions.

17/04/13 12:55 pm, hejafish, , England

 haha! Sorry about the long unclickable link!!! Here's what you do.. hold your left mouse button down and drag over the link to highlight it. Hold down ctrl and press c (copy). go to the address bar and delete its contets. Hold down ctrl and press v (paste)... e voila! :D

01/05/13 12:06 pm, Scott Quinn, Kansas City, United States

 Thanks, hejafish.  I went to iTunes and downloaded Tuma--great stuff!

26/05/13 03:06 am, compewtore, phoenix, the americas

 Thank you very much for the link. I've listened to a hand full of songs now and I love all of them. It's always a wonderful feeling to find new music to love.