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14/03/13 12:03 pm,, Leeds, England


 Hi guys

     still hoping for some new stuff from Sean..loved that interview in Cork though..

     New John Grant is different in places.......but his voice is magnificent as are his potent lyrics.A grower.

     New Hem album Departure and Farewell due out April 2nd...

     Tourniquet/Walking by the graveyard  .....two great tracks....

      Amazon samples the album ...unfortunately only too short a set of snippetts ..BUT

      Enough to realize this will be  a classic album.

       With respect to John Grant...Where Dreams go To die bloody briliiant....

        revisit "Queen of Denmark" to see what I mean.

           Whats hot on your  new playlists?????



14/03/13 05:28 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Thrilled to be listening to some music from my favorite Super Furry Animal, Huw Bunford: 


Think this would go down a storm in the Llamas community.