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05/02/13 10:48 am, seano, ,

  Hi Chaps .

 This is Sean from the Llamas . Sorry its been very quiet recently . Times like this  do  come and  we have to  ride through them . We are all  doing stuff, but the band has not really met up  for a year  and we do miss playing  shows . We will try  to  fix this soon. 

 I have been doing a lot of work with my  friends in Rio and also working on various arrangement projects , so I have been busy. Rob has  been  TBing and Domenic has been has Pete.

Anyway...... Here's an idea.

 I want to make a trip around the UK in late March  to play  a solo set in non club settings , I was thinking of  perhaps  book shops or cafes or even small art venues ... libraries  swimming pools.... 

I would  want the  shows to be  6.30 / 7 pm  starts  and perhaps  catch people on the way home from work . Very low key but still a performance and a connection  with you again. Its been too long .

The solo idea is for practical reasons. If you think  you know  of such a venue in your community  that would be happy to host a small Seano show could  you get intouch  the website... on the Keep In Touch  page.

   The ticketing  will be  minimal and practical to cover costs.I will traveling by train with a guitar and perhaps avail of a piano if there is one in house .if any of you think  this  could  work , get in touch  and we will try to make this happen. otherwise see you at the next HL show  which will be  ... I hope in April.

Take cre


05/02/13 09:52 am,, Leeds, England


  Hi Seano

   good to hear you are all very busy.........As for your idea of playing small venues/cafes

i think its a good one.There are no really suitable venues in LS17 ,i.e in Leeds, but I can think of perhaps one in Chapel Allerton LS7.Its a nice compact village/suburb  full of many eating establishments ...but there is a jazz/music cafe called     Seven or Leeds 7.....or maybe Trinity Church  in the centre where John Grant has played could be a possibilty.Should you require further information let me know.

   PS I'm using Musicscore software myself now to write out some of my own compositions.Hope you are composing some stuff too.

 Regards Brent

06/02/13 02:57 am, simonxbarker, Teddington, UK

Like the sound of the informal low key gigs. Here's a venue recommendation: 

 A decent musician's pub that has a long history of live music, both in the bar and in the dedicated back room. Located in Kingston, SW London, a short walk from Kingston main line railway station.

 If you play there I'll buy you a beer!


06/02/13 03:02 am, seano, ,

 Simon  and Brent . Thanks  for  both of those  recommendations. I will be  looking into this . Any shops out there  that would like to participate I wonder??  Not been in Leeds in a while .  Could we count on 30 people in there on  their way home from work ??KIngston  would be great , I could get the train home  afterwards.

06/02/13 04:26 am, simonxbarker, Teddington, UK

Sorry Sean,

 Hadn't quite tuned in to the types of venues you were thinking of. Have been racking my brain to think of less obvious places to play but can't think of any near me. I do go to quite a few local gigs so will give it further thought.

By the way, when I described my previous suggestion as a "decent musician's pub" I was referring to the pub being decent - as for the musicians, the more indecent the better.

Good luck,


07/02/13 03:06 am, Scott Quinn, Kansas City, United States

 Hi Sean,

 I love the idea!  I'm from Kansas City, MO USA, and I'd love to see you perform, especially in the setting you describe.  My wife is dying to get to London, so if you can let us know some firm dates ASAP, maybe we could get over to see you.   

10/02/13 05:03 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Great idea. I'm going to be in Leeds for two weeks in April. I'll keep my fingers crossed something happens then rather than in March. Either way, hope things go well. 

I live in Florida right now, so it'd be a dream come true if I could catch a solo event. 


There was a nice event in the Bramley Baths last fall where an orchestra played music while people swam. That'd be such a nice setting for a High Llamas show! It was really, really lovely when I participated.


10/02/13 11:38 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

 Great to hear from you, Seano. I wish I could see you play live. Maybe in another life. Is there any way you can share with us some details about what you've been doing in Rio? I'd love to hear.

11/02/13 11:37 am, GT, , NULL

Hello Sean,

It would be great to see you in Norwich again after the gig at the Arts Centre at the end of 2011.  If you fancied playing in a bookshop, this might be an option:

It's previously been voted the best independent bookshop in Britain, and is right in the middle of the city. I have no idea whether Henry, the owner, would be interested in putting something like this on, but he's previously held the occasional performance event there - and these have tended be early evening, so it might suit him. If there's anything I can do to help with contact or an introduction, do say. 


18/02/13 06:09 am, seano, ,

 Thanks to everyone who repled re the proposed solo  shows.

 I will not be working with promoters or agents , just sort of , getting in touch with  venues .Thanks  Grahem for the  Norwich recommendation. Will give Henry a go . Yes  your efforts in  Norwich to convince   who ever might  want to come ... to do  so , would be  appreciated. 

Simon ,I will look into SW London as well .

 BTW, I  was part of a small panel  talking about Forever Changes at the Idler bookshop in  West London last week.I sat with Will Hodgekinson. Had a great time . We listened to the record with an invited audience and then  exchanged thoughts . Good times indeed. 

Brent , glad the bug is sorted,  taking it all in now.


18/02/13 06:13 am, seano, ,

 Oh and hi to  Florida and Austen... sorry we've  been so quiet.Something  will emerge soon .


 My pal in Rio is domenico Lancelletti and we ave  collaborated  on his LP which was a soundtrack to 9 films in response to the Brazilian Olympic cultural ofeering .

20/02/13 09:55 am, marginal and troublesome, Nottingham, UK

Hi Sean, I've been chatting to a friend of mine who plays in some local bands (including the Injured Birds, first album out recently, good songs but awful engineering and production - give 'em a call about their second album Sean!). 

From his recommendations, try the Strad Lounge in Nottingham.  It's a small venue owned by Kai Daze, who builds instruments.  The venue has a lovely piano.  Google has other information on him that might be of interest (can't open this stuff myself at the moment, behind the firewall at work). 

I'm happy to offer a bed for the night, breakfast, lift to station etc. if and as required!  David


21/02/13 06:35 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Hi Sean,


Here is the Bramley Baths' contact page:

 As mentioned, it would make a great space for a small & lovely gig. 

08/03/13 06:30 am, chartstuff, manchester, UK

Hi Sean,

Paul McNulty here from Manchester - just checking the website a  few days ago and saw your idea about solo shows - have had a word around and came up with the following:

1. The Dulcimer is a pretty well established folk / pub / venue There's a pretty cozy room upstairs with an in-house PA - that you might not need given the size / numbers etc. The owner is Willy Pitcher if you want to follow that up. Weekday early evenings are available.

2. On The Corner is a cafe with a strong emphasis on buying and selling vinyl. They've done this sort of thing before - i.e. opening the premisis specially in the early evening for acoustic events. This place is great but pretty small, 30 or 40 would be a squeeze. They seem pretty interested. Steph is the manager - contactable at 0161 881 4841 or www.onthecorner-cafe.comHope

Hope one of those may be of some interest to you. Bests to you, Paul