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Marcos Valle reissues

19/12/12 04:36 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

I thought this would appeal to Llamas fans because of Sean's love for the talented Mr. Valle. Light in the Attic is reissuing all for Valle albums from the 70s — and great albums they are. Not sure when they'll be available, but here's some info:


20/12/12 08:07 am,, Leeds, England


      Hey thanks

   i'll   checkout Mr Valle's work...if Sean likes him he must be good


  ps new job going well

  pps juices are going again on the music compositional front ..i'll keep ya posted

  ppps   Happy Xmas Llama fans

26/03/13 08:16 am, Allan, Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks so much for mentioning Marcos Valle. I hadn't heard of him before, but three reissued albums later I think he's great. And I never knew him as the composer of Summer Samba (or "So nice", or whatever one wants to call it) which I've always loved. So thanks again.