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Any Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five fans?

13/11/12 12:53 pm, JDM, , NULL

About a year or two ago I became a Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five fan. I don't know how I missed him for so long as he is a really great songwriter. Anyway, the new Ben Folds Five album "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" is really great. He is another artist I would love to hear an O'hagan collaboration with.

13/11/12 09:12 am,, Leeds, England



I only remember the track "Brick". and a cover of  Steely Dan's "Barrytown " ......................From that era I really liked "Spilt Milk" by Jellyfish.........and also  the album "Bellybutton"

   Currently I  reckon Ron Sexsmith is one of the best writers....

   Hem's.....Departure and Farewell  ...due out shortly ....should be a classic


14/11/12 01:17 am, JDM, , NULL

Yes, Jellyfish are pretty cool and I couldn't agree more about Sexsmith. He is a really great songwriter. I never heard of Hem, but will give them a go. Thanks!

14/12/12 01:17 am, normandiewilson, "San Diego, California"

 I'm a huge Ben Folds fan. Was one of my favorite bands when I was in middle and high school. I really recommend their first self-titled album if you want to get the early gritty stuff. (That's what I like)

15/12/12 09:56 am, Allan, Auckland, New Zealand

"Lonely Avenue", his collaboration with Nick Hornby, is great. Especially the song "Picture Window" 

21/12/12 06:56 am, hejafish, , England

Russian Hill from the Jellyfish album Spilt Milk is quite possibly my favourite song of all time.