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Sunken Condos

08/11/12 05:11 am, JDM, , NULL


What are people's thoughts on the new Donald Fagen album? I think that it is excellent as usual. Hopefully he and Becker will begin (or are already) working on a new Steely Dan album.


 P.S. I think an O'hagan collaboration with Becker/Fagen (individually or together) would be pretty spectacular!

08/11/12 11:28 am,, Leeds, England


 Yes totally agree ........................Becker/Fagen...truly great.

       Funnily enough earlier this year I revisited most of their work.

        I still love Cant Buy  A of the finest ever debut albums.

        I love Royal Scam still........Kid Charlemagne eg with its great production and guitar.

       The swooning Caves of of course the  lovely Pretzel Logic


                   It just shows they are still putting out great stuff...(take heed Stevie Wonder!)

         I'll visit his new album




10/11/12 03:37 am, JDM, , NULL

They are indeed still putting out great albums. All of Becker's and Fagen's solo work has been stellar. Becker's Circus Money is terrific (I recommend it highly) and Fagen's newest is as good as anything he has ever put out. It might even be his best, but I am not yet ready to say that. I will say though that horns are probably the best he has done. You will like the album.

I unfortunately agree with you about Stevie Wonder. He seems to have given up I guess. 

Now go out and get Sunken Condos, enjoy it, and groove hard! 

19/11/12 03:10 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Reminds me of Gaucho, which is a good thing. Glad he still has it.