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Long time no sea

15/09/12 04:32 am, hejafish, , England

Hello yall,

Good to hear from Sean on here and to see things are still moving on. Can't wait to hear the new music.

Been busy as always listening to so much music, highlights including: Franklin Bruno, Real Estate and Matt Berry. Got loads of good summery vibes from 

But can't access it at the moment cos I'm in China and any site with the word 'blog' in it is banned!

Ordered a load of CD's from China's version of Amazon for really cheap including the Beet Maize and Corn Japan edition!!! Also got a cool Trattoria Label 100th release special edition thingy with coloured vinyl and out of this world packaging, the kind which is only ever found in Japan!

So yes, time goes on, the music continues. I actually gave up smoking in 2009 so that I might get an extra 20 years of listening to music! Anyway, hope you all had a nice summer. September is here and Autumn begins... I miss England in September :(

Catch ya later.. pls recommend any new music to me?!?

Martin :)   



15/09/12 10:22 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi there

  I hope China is good.Only new music I might recommend is the new Hem album about to come out.


  ps Anything by Ron Sexsmith too.

18/09/12 03:49 am, hejafish, , England

Love the Hem track 'Half an Acre'.. there's a video of it on YT where someone uses animation from the Final Fantasy video game.. it works really well. I'd put a link up but guess what else is banned in China!! Ron Sexsmith.. ok.. will give him a listen cheers :)