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12/07/12 04:27 am, raystrack, Malvern, U.K.

Recently I caught the Skype interview between Sean and Van Dyke Parks.  Really interesting and VDP was very complimentary about Sean's album (not named - presume Talahomi Way).  Hoping to see some live gig news before too long (Birmingham or Bristol would be nice :-)

13/07/12 08:38 am,, Leeds, England


 Yes I saw that too,and it was terrifically interesting.Van Dyke Parks being a great lyricist,notably for Brian Wilson.I love the lyrics to "Surfs Up".

         I too hope Sean brings out some new work real soon.His talent is rare and his music is generally  fantastic and life reassuringly  brilliant.

        Leeds Loiners support The High Llamas

         "A toast to V.D.P."  from the Holly Hills  appreciation society.

          BK   Le vieux troubadour ........


07/08/12 10:16 am, littlecollie, Hebden Bridge, England

Speaking of VDP, in case you've not seen it, here is a fantastic performance of 'Orange Crate Art', performed just VDP at the piano and Brian singing.  Breathtaking.