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To Sean and the Llamas...a message from the Preston Posse!

05/07/12 09:46 am, andyg, preston, england

Hi guys....hope you're well....On Saturday 23rd sister Lorraine married her boyfriend Phil....and the couple arranged for Bach Ze and Janet Jangle to be played during the ceremony (a Bacharach song was also played!).....a beautiful day complemented by some beautiful music....Phil says he would have loved for you guys to actually have played live at the wedding ceremony...oh well, you can't have everything!!!  Keep on creating wonderful sounds,Cheers from The Preston Posse(Lorraine,Phil & Andrew)

05/07/12 10:49 am,, Leeds, England


  Hi and congrats to the Preston Posse...lovely choice with Bach Ze and Janet Jangle


  PS This guys in love with you (Bacharach)  would be a nice song for your wedding me thinks.


  PPS  For our wedding we chose  "You and I "  by the great S.Wonder.

  If it had tobe a Sean Song ...well its tough as he does not write love songs

  but ...Campers In Control  would go down a storm !