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27/06/12 07:28 am, hejafish, , England

Hello all,

I've just reluctantly joined FB after years of avoidance and been on the High Llamas fan page.. I got a reply from the Llamas on there saying they'd like to see more action on the FB page!

So please, if you haven't joined already.. plase do! It's not that bad (except for endless gossip and useless 'status updates' informing you what somebody had for breakfast! (but you don't have to add your family members as friends like I have!!)

Hope to see you all on there.

Martin AKA hejafish

Beware... there is a 'The High Llamas' page and a 'High Llamas' page, choose the latter.


30/06/12 12:31 pm,, Leeds, England


 Hi Hejafish

        yeah I'm on Facebook too.Pseudonym Brentino Kitsano

        ps guys I need some new Llamas music real soon

        Can you hear us Sean?


23/08/12 07:06 am, tidawilson, Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello, hejafish!

I've joined the Facebook page as well, quite a long time ago actually. Pseudonym: Stephen Dedalus :)