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Does "Past the Swell" from Musical Painting sample Basil Kirchin

26/05/12 05:26 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

I can't help but notice it sounds almost identical to the Primitive London soundtrack. I hope it's just a sample. I haven't seen the credits anywhere. 

28/05/12 07:06 am,, Leeds, England


    Yes hi its Brent here,

     i have relistened to both   the tracks  and there are somes exact note patterns copied.

 Overall though I think the two stand fine as pieces of music.

     Come to the garden green Detroit shines remains a goddam classic that I could listen to every day.

      I am rather hoping Sean will be doing some more film/project musiuc really soon.

   Anybody  heard the new Beach Boys album yet?

  Regards Brent

29/05/12 09:37 am, peterw, Stockton on Tees, England


The new Beach Boys album - starts strongly with a lovely wordless harmony track entitled 'Think About The Days', much in the vein of 'Our Prayer' - Brent; I sent you an mp3 of this a couple of weeks ago - if you didn't receive it let me know. Mike Love takes a cracking lead vocal on 'Spring Vacation', 'though I'm not too enamoured with the cheesy lyric. The album tends to sag in the middle (wouldn't be a proper Beach Boys album if it didn't) but redeems itself in style towards the end. The final three songs share a common theme, and for me the first of these - 'From There To Back Again' - is the album's outstanding track, featuring a gorgeous melody, dense harmonies and a sparkling Alan Jardine lead vocal. Closing song is 'Summer's Gone', very poignant, a feeling of maybe reaching the last page of the final chapter in the Beach Boys' story. If it was meant to bring the curtain down on it all, then it works fine by me. 

29/05/12 03:50 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Thanks for confirming I wasn't crazy, Brent. I heard "Primitive London 2" pop up on my iPod during a drive and immediately associated with a High Llamas tune...just wasn't sure which one. When I got home my girlfriend and I listened to both tracks over and over again, and I wasn't quite sure what part of the composition reminded me of "Past the Swell," but I knew that somewhere in there lay some foundation for Sean's composition.


I love the Musical Wheel and I only know of Basil Kirchin through an interview with Sean, so I'm sure it's intentional.  

30/05/12 10:07 am,, Leeds, England


 Yes thanks for the reviews on the Beach Boys.I dont think I got that mp3 though.My email is

   Saw Stevie Wonder play a nice hommage to Baccarach at the White House on May 20th.  

   Are the Beach Boys playing UK anytime?


30/05/12 11:16 am, peterw, Stockton on Tees, England


Brent - that's the same e-mail address that I used a couple of weeks ago. I've sent a further mp3 for you tonight of the sublime "From There To Back Again" - fingers crossed.


18/08/12 02:26 am, seano, ,

 i can assure you that Past the Swell was  100 % original . it was recorded in 2002. The Primitive London soundtrack was only made available  4 years ago. I only herad Basil Kirchins wonderful work  2 years ago .i live his work and feel that  back in the 60s he was making music that as a writer I would  want to emulate  40 years later . He is  the touch stone  for me  right now , I think he made the perfect sound, loose melodic and experimental . i can see why one  would feel the similarity  close , but we share  a spirit of music I think.

 On the  wee tour CD the Llamas  sold on the 2011 tour  a track called Berry's Request absolutely paid homage to Kirchin right at the end of the track.I love  the man and the music.