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Louis Philippe & Testbild!

07/05/12 04:26 am, hejafish, , England

The Ocean Tango

Le Magnifique!!

*edit -

Been listening to more Louis Philippe stuff and Testbuild stuff and they are both fantastic!!! Trust me Llama fans!! Investigate if you don't already know!! Here's a  sample:

Testbild! -

Louis -

07/05/12 07:42 am, marginal and troublesome, Nottingham, UK

It's a really lovely record, recommended unreservedly!  D 

09/07/12 05:23 am, marginal and troublesome, Nottingham, UK

I've subsequently listened to more Testbild! (Swedish for Testcard! I think, so perhaps an inevitable infatuation for me for various reasons), their most recent Barrikad and Aquatint, the one before that.  There's something intangible and compelling about their experimental pop (to knick a definition from Jonathan Coe) and I found myself buying their back catalogue from a US website last week.  Put a toe in the water that I'm bomber diving into!