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Thats why God made the radio

02/05/12 09:51 am,, Leeds, England


  Euh   ..The Beach Boys are back.........New single......harks back to 70'80's..

a bit like love n mercy crossed with good timin'....nice effort though....

God in the title?  Well it worked in God Only Knows......

 Here's looking towards the announcement of some UK dates


   PS Retro album of the week Dodgy .Homegrown... a lost pop classic from the britpop era

   PPS Best track evolution ever.....Heroes and Villains........

   PPS 2  They should make a musical about The Beach Boys.....


02/05/12 09:00 am, hejafish, , England

Dodgy - Homegrown ...

I've never heard it! Once saw em live though at a free gig they did in my hometown!

I'll dig it out of my Dad's collection and check it out!

Another lost album from the Britpop era (well a bit earlier actually...1991... probably more baggy/indie... but certainly less moody and cocky than baggy so wouldn't be fair to call it that... let's go with Britbag!) -

The Milltown Brothers - Slinky

Not on Slinky but a classic:

16/05/12 11:15 am, Smileysmile, Arundel, UK

A bit MOR and over-produced for my liking but its a classy track and Brian's voice sounds remarkable.  Rumour has it he's double-tracked with Jeff Foskett but it sure sounds like Brian to me.  Apparently there's a song co-written with Jon Bon Jovi on the album!!! OMG!