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15/03/12 01:59 am, hejafish, , England

Due to warnings from YouTube I have been forced to take down lots of my uploaded videos including a few by the Llamas.

I've never quite understood the deal with copyright.. I mean... if you are playing a song to a wide audience and clearly not taking credit for it yourself then why is it such a problem for record companies?

It's free promotion right?

It's not like I am hosting music to be downloaded. 

I do have the chance to appeal against one record company which means they will be forced to sue me if they want to take their song down from YouTube.

You know.. I am really thinking about calling their bluff! 

I know there are laws in place which would mean I wouldn't stand a chance in court but how about the Human Rights law that stipulates that we are entitled to freedom of expression? Is playing your favourite music to a wide group of people not freedom of expression? Even if it is somebody else's 'expression'! Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom [...] to impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers. 

If I am talking rubbish here please somebody say so!! But I really think it's about time somebody stood up to the record companies.

Anyway, I am sure I won't be making any kind of stand. Can't afford to be go to court or be sued that's for sure!

Just wanted to get it off my chest so I thought I'd come here to do it! 

Rant over. 

15/03/12 07:35 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 I think it's best to take it down. The truth is it's not your work to share with the world. I'm guilty of the same, but I would heed their directive.

16/03/12 09:29 am,, Leeds, England


         Hi everybody

        well copyrights a funny thing......................

 euh...I can listen to the radio,I can watch tv,I can watch on my pc , and i can record anything i want.

    I can loan copies to anybody,and play in any private place or my home.

    euh  if I rip original copies of discs and burn them and then sell them with colored labels etc well thats theft yeah.

     ITunes gives 1minute 30 secs of sample that i can listen to add infinitum.

     Where i work we pay to broadcast pop music(public place).

      Radio stations and tv pay the artist each time their music is used And we sell adio hi-fi and ipods etc,  ..fair enough.

      You tube ...well it has "Official" videos true...but it has millions of  recordings put on ,often with images or video.I do not see any problem with that,unless


   the track has not been as yet issued/its a clear bootleg/or a clear intent to make finiancial gain is attributable.

   Generally if 1 million people hit You Tube to see a great new artist,then this must be a good thing.And I read the comments too !

   If the artist concerned refuses permission , then okay by me.But its a clear loss of promotion .

   I have borrowed countless items from libraries and made copies for my home use.

   I have made copies and compilations too.notably when my cassette or album is worn out or too old.Some cd's too I have reburnt because the original has a slight scratch.


   So brothers and sisters as Love would say...we all need our freedom !



  ps I get my friends to listen to The High Llamas ...and guess what?Three of them have gone out and bought Llamas stuff!

  Recommendation is a vital thing in music........listening to it helps too.


08/04/12 06:09 am, 3narf, Hayfield, England

This is something I wanted to ask Seano about...

My wife has recently set up a pre-school music class:

I was wondering if it'd be OK to play some High Llamas songs occasionally; kids are never too young to be exposed to quality composition and instrumentation!

I wouldn't dream of using the songs without express permission, obviously.

How can I get in touch with Sean directly, or does he read every post?

Thx, Andy

23/04/12 02:26 am, hejafish, , England

Hiya Andy,

I would just go ahead and play the Llamas to the children!!

I am 100% sure Sean wouldn't object. Best way to contact him though is through the 'contact us' link on this site.