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Favorite High Llamas lyrics?

12/03/12 02:53 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

feeling so important

a flunky by his side

but there in the door

stood his friend with two more

he captured their attention

drawing pictures in the air

enough for today

he shooed them away

it might as well be

just a tea boy and me



12/03/12 02:59 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 I am friends with them all,

We go camping

We see pink in the sky

I am friends with them all 

12/03/12 05:49 am,, Leeds, England



    Before a white piano , we sometimes wish to be

    A toast to mIghty Sparrow , a toast to V.D.P.

    etc etc

     pure genius music too

      from "Holly Hills"  


12/03/12 06:03 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 You put yourself down, put yourself down, build yourself up... put yourself down

12/03/12 10:52 am, hejafish, , England

Love the lyrics from Theatreland... 

...and the radio play, leaves you angry for the day... !

...the audience surprised themselves with...the strength of the abuse they handed...  !

also... from

"Rotary Hop"2003 UK CD 'Beet Maize & Corn on Duophonic Super 45s DS45-CD35 

According to High Llamas mainman, Sean O'Hagan, this song refers to Beefheart's problems with UK Customs on the 1968 tour.

The song begins:-

Take the Captain to the shore, flip the handle throw the door Taken from a grey sky, what name are you known by               Shaken by a sense of play, these young men were led away 

12/03/12 11:04 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 I love that song and those lyrics. When he kicks in with, "It's time to look for somewhere new" the song transcends and goes to the next dimension.


I forgot about my favorite High Llamas lyrics of all time (and possibly my favorite of any band):


peppy's just another kulak

owns another patch of land

doesn't have a lot to speak of

so the children lend a hand

never really been too happy

never really been too sad

and he doesn't know what he wanted

and he doesn't know what he had 

13/03/12 06:04 am, littlecollie, Hebden Bridge, England

 A very good list so far!

 I particularly like the lyric to 'Holly Hills', a personal fave.


Might I add:

"Two wrongs do not make a right

though there are times when

it seems they just might"


"Numbers count

and crunch

snap the Beach-y Bunch"



16/03/12 06:06 am, Didball, Long Island, USA

Does anyone have any clues about what "Leaf and Lime" is about?

Alcoholism? "others start the day with the house of leaf and lime.

Snooker? "This green and felted slab"

I love hearing other peoples takes on what Seans songs might be about.



18/03/12 04:08 am, c in dc, , USA

 Glide Time

21/03/12 11:08 am, littlecollie, Hebden Bridge, England

 Hi Didball,

I convinced myself that Beet Maize and Corn was in a way a wink to the Beach Boys' 'Smile' in terms of its subject matter.  While a big chunk of Smile was about the progress west across America from Plymouth Rock to the west coast and ultimately Hawaii, I thought Beet Maize and Corn was the English / London 'Smile' a movement of people out of the city to the suburbs and the countryside beyond (which in turn becomes a suburb). The English dream of the country house rather than America's dream of the frontier. The odd song out is 'The Holly Hills' which seems to be about LA/Beverly Hills/Hollywood, but the sentiment of the song seems to fit with the rest of the album.

There seem to me to be loads of references throughout Beet Maize and Corn about urban places and rural places from the sea / riverside camp in Barny Mix to the cold rooms and high sided streets of The Walworth River (NB Walworth is in inner south London).  Other London references 'the hidden Fleet' - the culverted River Fleet that runs through north London and into the Thames; Calloway is apparently about Sean's street in London; 'Bridge Street' - next to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge; 'still the Thames flows softly'...

How does 'Leaf and Lime' fit into this?  I thought it was about someone who has moved out of the city and lives out in a tree-filled, wealthy suburb ('where the gold and leaf entwine', 'down the Alexandra Line' 'you were brought by train and cab') and it seems someone's had to travel out of the city to see this subrub-dweller on business or some other 'official' reason ('the book is pushed to you', 'I have tasks I must attend').  There are also hints that the person visiting doesn't fit in or it's not the place for them ('others start the day with the House of Leaf and Lime', 'will these corners never end'). 

Just my two cents!  I met Sean once but was too starstruck to ask him if my probably totally ridiculous interpretation of Beet Maize and Corn was what he intended!  Probably not seeing as I've read that Rotary Hop is about Captain Beefheart's first visit to London! But what's the bit about looking for somewhere new and heading to the coast about?