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Paul Weller

09/01/12 09:49 am, andyg, preston, england

       Bought the latest issue of Uncut magazine(February 2012)..there's an article on Paul Weller's new album,Sonik Kicks which is set for release in March...interestingly, Sean has written and arranged strings on a track called,Sleep Of The Serene....this is a real feather in Mr. weller's cap!!!Personally, i've been a fan of Paul's musical output for some time now and look forward to the album's release...especially with Sean's contribution!

10/01/12 02:48 am, hejafish, , England

Great! Thanks for the info// Looking forward to hearing that!!

Always good to hear anything Sean has worked on.

Love Weller's 'Amongst Butterflies' from his live album a few years back.

18/01/12 10:18 am, Kinderman, Wexford, Ireland

I've really enjoyed Weller's last two albums so to hear S O'H had worked on the new one was great news, I love his string arrangements (especially with Gruff and SFA) and it's heartening to know that Weller has adopted such a forward thinking outlook in the last few years, particularly when it comes to his recent choice of collaborators and influences that he's soaked up.  'Around The Lake' from the new album is very good.

08/04/12 06:03 am, 3narf, Hayfield, England

I was a big fan of The Jam and The Style Council.

I can't abide any of his solo stuff...