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I'm so excited for new Llamas music!

23/04/14 06:40 pm, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Can't wait for Here Come the Ratting Trees. This is going to be an Event (notice the capital E). Also, what I wouldn't give to hear the Felix the Cat score. This is a big year, people. Let's support the Llamas.

23/04/14 08:51 pm,, Leeds, England

 Yeah   the rattling trees...sounds a bit Hockneyesque.....    yeah Felix the Cat plus Seans music......a bit microdisney!!!!!gedditt     Sorry cannot make the upcoming  gigs     Still Sean's a bloody genius!!!!!     Been watching listening to Arthur Lee plus the Byrds plus Gram Parsons     Some music is just timeless!!!!!!      Regards BK  and to Hejafish of course.......

23/04/14 08:55 pm,, Leeds, England

      Yeah       Rattling trees by Hockney...Felix c/o microdisney       Good luck with upcoming gigs...       Looking forward to some new stuff.       Been listening to Arthur Lee and Love plus GramParsons and The Byrds        Timeless stuff..        I understand Sean played with Arthur as did Shack in the early 90's.I'd love to know Sean's thoughts/recollections        BK