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Updates, anybody?

03/07/14 12:48 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Patiently waiting out here for new Llamas music (or news of new Llamas music)? Anybody have any news (cough, cough Sean)?

11/07/14 01:41 pm, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

15/07/14 04:45 pm, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Ooh! This is great news, enjoy bell woods! I've been waiting for this one. Thx for the info.

05/08/14 03:07 pm, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

Here Come The Rattling TreesWe would like to announce that the new High Llamas release is a show called Here Come The Rattling Trees. The initial performances will be followed by a conventional physical release.These performances will take place at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Soho, London from October 20th to October 25th 2014. Information detailing ticket purchase will follow very shortly. We are excited by this new event in the band's existence and hope you join us in the experience.Here Come The Rattling Trees is a new departure for us, a piece combining spoken word and music which will be performed by the band and three actors. It explores the theme of urban renewal in South London through the response of a series of characters to the rebranding of their local leisure centre. What emerges is a very contemporary tale. New songs, and a brand new score.New 7" Single on Ghost BoxSean O'Hagan has joined Jon Brooks from The Advisory Circle to release a single on Ghost Box as part of the labels Other Voices release series. Sean and Jon collaborated on both songs , 'Calibair' and 'Mulclair'.The record can purchased from Ghost Box as a 7" single or a download.