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here come the rattling trees

29/10/14 10:28 am, warren, edgware, uk

Hi everyone.I went on Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual Sean has come up with a bunch of lovely melodies. I liked the story too, which has similarities with 'Say hi to the rivers and the mountains'.  

29/10/14 06:10 pm, zebedee, London, UK

I was at the last show on Saturday.  I can see the comparison with 'Say Hi...' but thought this was far superior.  Coe's dialogues can be pretty cringe inducing.  Sean decided to go with all monologues and the writing was fantastic throughout.  Must have been a pleasure for the actors to recite.  Also, I was surprised by the range of subjects/voices covered.  I didn't expect a tale about getting lost while jogging in Canberra!  The songs punctuate the stories within each monologue.  A couple of potentials for the HL canon, inc. the title song (which was repeated as the final encore), The rest were OK.  But it's not the music I took away really, more a new respect for Sean the author. :)

29/10/14 11:13 pm, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Thanks warren and zebedee! So, zebedee, if I understand correctly, Sean wrote the monologues in addition to the songs/music? Also, were the Llamas playing "background" instrumental music during the monologues? Thx again.

30/10/14 06:16 pm, zebedee, London, UK

1. Yes2. Yes - well sort of.  Each narrative begins without music, then about half way through a musical motif begins which is then repeated and developed.  It was the same motif for each narrative but it developed in different ways in later narratives, e.g. different instrumentation used.Hope that helps.