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Happy Christmas

22/12/13 11:23 am, seano, ,

 Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks to you all for keeping the interest in the band alive. There will be stuff this year . Glad the William Hall session made it through to some of you. 

We are changing over the CMS on the site and I can not load the link to  William's show yet. It will. Follow, as will the Soouth London Hardcore interview. All things South London of world interest.

Where ever you are on this earth .... Happy Christmas 

23/12/13 01:14 am,, Leeds, England


 happy xmas and a fine 2014

to  Sean the band  and  the fans ......  y'all have a good time..................................


27/12/13 02:09 am, marginal and troublesome, Nottingham, UK

Happy Christmas and New Year.  I saw South London Ordnance as part of a fantatic concert at Snape Maltings in Autumn, also Anna Meredith and Green.  Lovely stuff - great venue too!  


30/12/13 02:20 am, robin, Eastern Seaboard, US

Cheers Sean. Great to hear the recent interviews & looking forward to further word on Here Come The Rattling Trees. Peace to Peckham & a splendid new year to all.