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Review of Felix the Cat

21/11/13 12:58 pm, seano, ,

  Ralph Mexico posted this beautiful review of Felix the Cat  from the Cork Film Festival. 

21/11/13 05:32 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

"The High Llamas had us floating on lemonade rainbows, purring like tranquilised sea-lions, sporting the smiles of gameshow hosts."

Brilliant writing! Describes my everyday listening experience. 

22/11/13 02:00 am,, Leeds, England


     Thanks for posting review of Felic The Cat at The Cork ANimated Film Show.

      Even better when you get some classics like Triads/Rotary Hop too.

      Needless to say I've been a convert for many years now.

       One of the greatest songsmiths

       Up there with the Bach's!!

        Beet Maize and Corn  refuses to let go of my aural senses


       ps lovely written piece