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Nino Nardini

31/10/13 10:25 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi everybody

             always on the look out for something I have not heard before......

            Knocked out by Nino Nardini  track from early 70's...Tropicola...

            Also another track with Roger Roger....

            I wonder if Seano had heard these french/exotica/jazz/percusson trax

            A delight to listen to


             Share ya listening.....on my jukebox..James BLake/Jon Newman...

             Sing to the moon the exquisite Laura Nvula

            Also ...Benjamin Clementine on  Jools holland last friday.....mindblowingly good

            Listen to Cornerstone...

            Also on that show...Gary Clark blues  ....almost as

            stirring as when I first heard Robert Cray/and Joe Bonamassa    many moons


             Funnily enough Alex Turner from your splendid Artic Monkeys knew it was a very hot show....and even Macca  could not beat the performance by B.Clementine


            Amazing how some stuff just grabs ya.

            Thanks to Austin (Bells Wood) and his Argentinian recommendation Juana Molina

            Where's the rest of ya?

             Tell us whats hot!!!!




17/01/14 06:26 pm, JDM, , NULL

Check out Authur Verocai. (It is older stuff so maybe you already have?)  Nice latin/Zappa/Mongomery/Hancock inspired stuff. I posted something on this board a few days ago but it appears to have been deleted.