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Why Beet Maize and Corn is the classic Llamas album of the noughties

10/10/13 10:07 am,, Leeds, England


         Hi guys

              I've been recently playing BMC album... a lot!.Calloway,Leaf and Lime,Holly Hills,the whole album has just got better as these 7 years have gone by.

             Orchestrally , stringwise , moodwise  , this album is just simply awesome...

             Sean's music  is timeless here.No twiddling around with  the  knobs  as with  inserts in Hawaii  .It has a conscious stream that runs right through it.

               Some absolute killer musical  themes,   it is a remarkable album.

                Can Cladders ...was fair...Talahomi had its moments....but  BMC is

  unstoppable .Buzzle Bee's "Bobby's Court" would have been a great addition to BMC.

               BMC does not try to be cinematic  like Hawai  ,  its fully formed. Gideon Gaye

  was Sean's Beach Boy style revelation.

                The   amazing  final track which chimes out that double piano motif  at the opening of "The Walworth River" is an apt closing song.


              No wonder people love Sean's string arrangements , and its also no wonder that his film music is admired too.

              Personally I'm composing   some good stuff too at the moment .. some of Sean's magic might be rubbing off here !

              Try see Hem if you can ..they are on a rare tour visit to the UK

              Regards Brent and John  ( music/lyrics ) (currently working on some ideas..."Just for One Day" a three part song ...."Joy Anew" xmas song...and a new project "Perfect Truth"......a musical..

11/10/13 11:16 am, zebedee, London, UK

Best of all, the Duophonic CD edition seems to have been reissued under license recently.  Sister Ray in London was practically giving it away a few weeks back.

I like the mournful brass arrangements best.  And Mary's bits obv.

14/10/13 08:45 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

Can Cladders is more than fair, my friend. And if by "Talahomi had its moments" you're talking about the whole darn record, then I agree it has its moments.  

14/10/13 09:08 am,, Leeds, England



        no doubt as time goes by Can Cladders and Talahomi Way will  grow even more........

   Dont get me wrong (as the Pretenders would say) ...I love all of Sean's music.

     I cannot wat for his next album release.Its a shame that the public at large don't seem

to realize what a great composer he is.Even a simple song like "Rotary Hop" is a masterpiece .

     I know that the few contributors to this site are true fans of  the Llamas........

     On a seperate subject........who is the nearest eqivalent of John Peel on todays airwaves?