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iTunes & Llamas

31/07/13 03:40 am, the jal, Baltimore, USA

Hi gang-

One sort of 'distressing' question: how come the bulk of the Llamas' catalog is not available on iTunes?I own all their CDs/albums, and was finally getting around to checking out what's available on iTunes (as I'd happily re-buy all the albums again), and was disappointed to see most of the work not there.

I assume some of these albums are somehow still legally tied-up or something with V2 or something, hence the non-availability?

It would be great for new generations to discover HAWAII, for example.


25/08/13 10:02 am, seano, ,

 Hi . Thanks  for inquiring . as far as I know , its all there apart  from Beet , maize and Corn and Buzzle Bee. They are both on Duophonic  and perhapd if you innquire with them they may advice how  best to attain a digital copy.


 There is  alot of High Llamas collaborative and  remix work that may not have made it to digital .  Anything in particular  you are looking  for ?

21/04/14 03:18 pm, the jal, Baltimore, USA

Belated reply on this - I think there's a U.S. vs. U.K. iTunes distinction, which plain sucks.I see, for example, that U.K. iTunes has Robert Wyatt's "Old Rottenhat", but I can't order it as I live in the U.S. and it defaults to U.S. iTunes. Apple apparently has some stricture about cross-border sales. I did a bit of reading on this subject, too, which sadly backs this up.