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Lollo Rosso

24/07/13 07:01 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

What are the board's thoughts on the remix album? It's the only Llamas release I'm not familiar with. I wanna track down a copy, perhaps on vinyl. Worth the money?

25/07/13 09:15 am,, Leeds, England

   Yeah  sorry but  this is the only one I dont have.

   I like the Jim O Rourke remix of Mini-Management though.

   Lollo Rosso - is a loose leaf  lettuce

   by the way did Sean play with Tim Burgess recently?

   I looked on You Tube but could not see him with Tim's band?

    On a final note ... I'm playing   "Garden Green"(Detroit Shines) from "Musical Painting"

    From 2008 ..this collaboration with Jean-pierre Muller is a classic track.

    Should be played daily


   ps Bruce Springsteen opened up the First Direct Arena in Leeds last night.