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New Heavy Blinkers song

05/07/13 07:34 am, JDM, , NULL

Hi all,

I just found this tune called Perfect Tourists on Soundcloud. It is from the long and impatiently awaited album HEALTH. I think that it is quite beautiful. I absolutely cannot wait to get this album.


08/07/13 10:48 am, Quinn, rugby, warwickshire

The CD's have been manufactured and Health is due for release at the end of this month. I think it has been 10 years in the making. I cannot wait.

10/07/13 05:19 am, JDM, , NULL

Yes, August should be a good month for me! I have been waiting for this album since I discovered these guys. I know that Sean is on a song or two so that will be nice to hear.

22/07/13 12:10 pm, milkeyedmender, halifax, canada

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for caring about our new album! As a massive High Llamas fan, I am thrilled to no end that you guys are talking about it here. Yes, Sean sings on the album and he sounds as great as he always does :) The new album comes out July 30th. I hope you get a chance to hear it!