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05/07/13 05:21 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA


It's a bit of a shame all this stuff slips through the cracks, eh? Speaking of soundtracks, was Pauline Detectrive ever released as an album? 

05/07/13 05:24 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

25/08/13 09:50 am, seano, ,

 so nice of you to find this  and  draw attention to my work . yes this work happens through out  the year  and its great , a creative ongoing  exchange . i loved working on this project . our Friend in Japan have always valued the work we do .

 It seems the music industry  no longer supports the  making and releasing of music as it did  and as a creator , I'm sure  other writers and performers reading this may agree, we find our selves  working in mediums and in partnerships with a range of contributors , it allows the work to get  out there . Good  on them all . Hope you enjoy this work for my friend Komaneko the small cat.

13/09/13 04:33 am, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA