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Source for Llama lps

14/05/13 07:07 am, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA

 Anyone know of a source for Llama lps ? Besides eBay. I'm looking for Beet, Maize, Corn. It's crucial please help. It must be an lp. Thank you.

16/06/13 12:45 pm, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA

 Oh no where to get them. Poor me.  This calls for a quest. I have mission to find this album?

16/06/13 12:47 pm, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA

 I'm going to find this beeyatch.

26/06/13 01:14 am, Kazak, "Norman, OK"

 Hi. I don't know if they still have a copy, but Guestroom Records in Norman, OK had a copy on their shelf for a good long while. They ordered two copies when I ordered mine, and the extra one sat there for years, and may still be there. I'm sure they would ship out for you. Give them a try at: (405) 701-5974