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This Is Pop - UCC Radio Interview

05/03/13 07:51 am, robin, Eastern Seaboard, US

A recent University College Cork radio interview with Sean can be streamed here:


06/03/13 08:48 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi guys

    its a great interview......covering in depth the Micridisney era as well as the early 90's and some of his soundtrack/film work his influences.....Great to hear Sparkle Up,The Dutchman  too  .......great  of the best interviews...ever.


07/03/13 03:47 am, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

 Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for turning us on to this.

08/03/13 02:49 am, robin, Eastern Seaboard, US

In another UCC This Is Pop interview, Martin Newell (of Cleaners From Venus fame) expresses his long-standing admiration for Sean and the Llamas. Now THERE'S a collaboration we'd love to see (and hear).

08/03/13 06:45 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Would love to know a little bit more about the process behind Sean's different collaborations.