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2012 Favorites

17/02/13 03:02 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

Cian Ciaran's Outside In was by far my favorite album of 2012. Listened to it tons. I was convinced Sean had a part to play in making this album so great, but the players were all from Wales.


He's in Super Furry Animals, so you might recognize his voice. 

 Check out this track: What Will Be


What did you guys enjoy? 



18/02/13 07:54 am, zebedee, London, UK

Somewhat to my surprise, the first of Lindstrøm's two album releases in 2012, 'Six Cups Of Rebel' turned out to be the record that thrilled me the most - though it's also quite infuriating in places (think: 70s Todd Rundgren at his most experimental/self-indulgent).  There's a nice set of complementary (i.e. quirky) remixes out there too, inc. one from Todd himself - you can find most if not all of them on Spotify.  Meanwhile, frequent Lindstrøm collaborator-in-space-disco, Todd Terje, made an excellent EP of his own, "It's The Arps".

I got to the Miguel album late, but am enjoying it a lot: Goth'n'B!  While Dawn Richard's 36-minute EP, 'Armor On', is a real genre-buster: a bit hip hop, a bit dance, a great deal of emotion in the vocals and a ton of superhero imagery in the lyrics. Taylor Swift made her best album to date with 'Red'.  And Ghost Box branched out in new, very enjoyable directions with Belbury Poly's 'The Belbury Tales' and Pye Corner Audio's 'Sleep Games'.

Songs: CRJ's "Call Me Maybe" and "I Know You Have A Girlfriend", Laetitia Sadier's "Fragment pour le future de l'homme", Nicki Minaj - "Come On A Cone"... and the most beautiful thing I heard all year was "So Will Be Now" by John Talabot & Pional. 

That'll do to be getting on with.  A pretty good year, really.

19/02/13 12:41 pm,, Leeds, England


 Hi guys

   well my most significant influences 2012/2013 are

     The Unthanks (Rachel and Becky)

     Ron Sexsmith

     Milos Karadaglic

     To watch out for .........Lord Huron , Beauty  Room     plus    Hems imminent new album


     There are loads more  but these stand out at the moment.

     PS Leeds has a new 13500 seater concert venue (SMG) opening later this year

     Elton John is opening ....

     One day The High Llamas?

     Maybe the Jazz 7 in Chapell Allerton maybe a bit more intimate!



20/02/13 01:18 am, JDM, , NULL

 I enjoyed "Sunken Condos" by Donald Fagen, "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" by Ben Folds Five, and while not new for 2012 but new for me, "Watertown" by Frank Sinatra. 

21/02/13 05:41 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Belbury Tales was most excellent. One of my favorites of the year. Really liked the Pye Corner Audio release as well...


Seahawks' Aqua Disco was a great slice of chilled-out bliss--if that's your kind of thing. Dustin Wong's Dreams Say... an interesting textural masterpiece--worth many listens.


Will think of more as they come to me. 

21/02/13 05:41 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Ooh, I really dug/dig that Todd Terje release as well.



26/02/13 01:00 am, hejafish, , England

The best album of 2012 for me was easily Yani Martinelli's Bubble Station. And it was free!