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Nomad in China

23/01/13 08:28 am, hejafish, , England

 Just rifling through the vinyl in one of the almost impossible to find decent music shops in China and what did I come across but the Nomads 12" in Mint condition!!! 10RMB ... about 10p!!! Also picked up Beck's New Pollution 12" and a Corduroy LP and 12" :) erm... just need a record player over here now!!! 

23/01/13 09:43 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi Hejafish

    in China....great  walls of fire!

     I'd rather be in Hawaii !!!!!!Gedditt?

    Is the single  "Nomads" made in China?

    But seriously euh Nomads should have been a hit single.....loved the video too.


    Do they have lyrics in Mandarin?

    Anyway apart from Kabons Cabin  I need a new dose of Sean's music!

    Have a wonderful time in China

    PS How about The Llamas playing China.....anythings better than Gangman Style!


24/01/13 03:24 am, hejafish, , England

"great  walls of fire" haha!!

Yea great video and single Nomads.

Ha no there aren't any lyrics in Mandarin!! 

Well the Llamas could play in China if they wanted as their lyrics aren't political (or are they!).

Bloody Gangnam style!! It's Korean actually,, so terrible.

I'm actually teaching and living over here.. been trying to educate my students a few times with some decent music but I've given up. Not to say the Chinese don't have some good tunes in em though.. such as this video I took of a busker singing whilst stood on his head!...  

I long to live in Japan though... a music lover's paradise.. 

In fact.. no more longing... I WILL live there.. gonna look into it and do something about it.

Yep, looking forward to more of Sean's music too :)