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Merry Christmas to Llamas and Llama fans everywhere!

21/12/12 06:58 am, hejafish, , England

 Just that :)


..oh, and all the best for 2013! 

28/12/12 01:09 am, katie-mintie, Halifax, UK

 All the very best to you too, Hejafish!

 If you want to make 2012 complete from a Llamas perspective, you could post "Farringdon Turn" for us all on You Tube (trusting that you managed to bring your Japanese  "Beet, Maize & Corn" back from holiday safe & sound?)

 I expect most of us have yet to hear the bonus track (from this in any case perfect album) and it would be great if you could provide us with the opportunity! 


28/12/12 09:52 am,, Leeds, England



   me too would like Farringdon Turn..................please!!!!


   Beet Maize and Corn is a sensatioal album...with a lovely string  feel.

   Some of Sean's greatest orchestration and original melody is within this perfect album.e.g.

   "Before a white piano,we sometimes wish to be,

     a toast to mighty Sparrow , a toast to V.D.P." (Van Dyke Parks)

    The violin refrain on "High on the chalk" is achingly beautiful  and is up there with  the famous one  on Tchaicosky's Swan Lake as well

as on  Mendelsohn's violin concerto...and of  course Brian Wilson's  mid break on "Don't Talk put your head on my shoulder"

    Happy 2013 to all ypu Llama lovers.

    ps currently playing as "Track goes by" from Gideon Gaye





31/12/12 09:59 am, hejafish, , England

Unfortunately I'm on a permanent vacation in China at the moment so I can't access Youtube at all now or in the near future to put Farringdon Turn on there. It is a lovely song though and fits in great with the rest of the album (not to make you jealous!!). I longed to hear the song for a long time and it was worth the wait in the end.

I do think though that it's a good thing for a band to keep an element of mystery, especially in the 'easy to access anything' internet age. I like the non activity on the Llama website for this reason! Although we don't hear anything of what's going on we all know that Sean is Sean and will always have music in his heart. To know this is enough for me. And when he is ready he will bring us all some more of his wonderful melodies. 



02/01/13 12:54 pm, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 I have "Farringdon Turn." You'd have to reach me off the forum if you'd like to hear it. I don't feel comfortable sticking it on Youtube... 

02/01/13 11:55 am, katie-mintie, Halifax, UK

 While I agree entirely with Hejafish's sentiments on the merits of waiting to hear hidden musical gems, I will certainly make contact given this serendipitous offer.

 Best wishes to you both.

03/01/13 10:52 am,, Leeds, England

 Dear enjoy  bell woods,Austin

    mon  courriel est

    privee et confidentiel

    Brentino Kitsano