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Beach Boys In Town

25/09/12 10:45 am,, Leeds, England


 Great to see The Beach Boys in town

     On Jools Holland Live....played Barbara Ann  plus Thats Why God made The Radio.

       I wonder how many other bands will still be performing at that age?

 Perhaps The Stones !

       I believe they are playing in London later this week,plus my wife says its on radio 2


      I hope Sean catches up with them...........perhaps there is still chance of a song for them


26/09/12 03:46 am, M J Warner, Aberystwyth, Wales



Do It Again was also performed on Later.


I am heading for London tomorrow for their Royal Albert Hall show. (They also play Wembley Arena on Friday.)


BBC concert from Mermaid Theatre was broadcast on Monday on Radio 2; perhaps still available on iPlayer.