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Sweet 60's pop

29/05/12 01:16 am, noelbond, Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the best things for me about the High Llamas music is the gorgeous melodies, chord changes, rhythms, and harmonies (in songs like Nomads, Green Coasters, Winter's Day, etc). Apart from the usual things like Beach Boys, Bacharach, Boettcher, Free Design can anyone give me their top 5 lushest harmonies and melodies from 60's pop? Here are some from me to get you in the mood; all are on YouTube if you want to hear them. It's sunny, it's Spring - there must be some gems out there that you can share too?

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Barefoot in Baltimore

Spanky & Our Gang - 1,3,5,8 Jane

Street Corner Society - Summer Days 

Eternity's Children - Mrs Bluebird

Gentelman of the Park (from the movie Les Bicyclettes de Belize)

30/05/12 10:20 am,, Leeds, England


  Interesting choices are more mainstream...

     Turtles-Happy Together

     Hollies- Carrie-Ann

     Loving Spoonful-Summer in the city

     Youngbloods-Get together

     Fifth Dimension-Wedding Bell Blues


    Tamla Motown stars ....The Temptations/The Supremes/The Four Tops also brought out some fabulous vocals on various singles...

     "My Girl"..."Reflections"....."Cant Help Myself" to name but three.

    Overall I'd still give it to Beach boys-Good Vibrations/God OnlyKnows

    Beatles-Day In the Life/StrawberryFields/If I fell/Eleanor Rigby etc etc

    of the main groups .

    Whats anyone else think?


30/05/12 10:22 am,, Leeds, England



   Some great 60,s sweet stuff came out from France  from singers like Francois Hardy

   perhaps Sean knows some of this is sixties french stuff.



30/05/12 09:25 am, noelbond, Edinburgh, Scotland

 Thanks BK. Great selection. I'd not heard that 5th Dimension song before but it was really good. I didn't know it was written by Laura Nyro either, but when you listen back you can hear it, "I love you so, I always will", love the change at that bit. The Motown tunes are wondeful too. I like the imaginative arrangements and the rush you get from them in only 2 or 3 minutes. Maybe they had to be more inventive to make the songs stand out at each new release, but there are some amazing songs and you feel like each one has a surprise on every corner. I've heard some of the French ye ye groups before - that was a good shout. A favourite I heard recently was Clothilde, the sprightly organ bit at 0:39 is nice! Unexpected when you hear it, but it takes the song off into a whole new direction

Thanks for sharing your choices. 


05/06/12 01:15 am, littlecollie, Hebden Bridge, England

 A random five:

Mamas and Papas: Midnight Voyage (particularly after the song collapses)


The Collage: Driftin'


The Groop: A Famous Myth


Sagitarrius: Song to the Magic Frog


Chad and Jeremy: Painted Dayglow Smile


I hope these hit the mark!

05/06/12 06:04 am, noelbond, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mega. The Collage album is great. I'd never heard of the Groop before, but there is a gem I was after. Thanks for sharing from Calderdale - I'm from Tod originally but Hebden and the whole valley deserves its own soft psych album ;-)

26/06/12 05:56 am, HemaShema666, Amarillo, USA

 I like that song Girl From Impanema.  Jobim is definitive of the sixties and seveties for me.