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New Sean Production on MOJO CD

25/04/12 07:59 am, peterw, Stockton on Tees, England


The new issue of MOJO is heavily Beach Boys oriented, and includes a free CD, "Pet Sounds Revisited". Track 4 is a very nice version of 'Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) by Tim Burgess, for which Sean O'Hagan has added his gentle, understated (but quite faithful-to-the-original) production.

A Capitol Records press release today confirms that additional European 50th Anniversary Tour dates for the Beach Boys will be announced very shortly, so maybe we'll get to see them over here after all. In the meantime here's their new single, available tomorrow:

25/04/12 08:57 am, hejafish, , England

Thanks for that Peter, I didn't realise!!

The track has instantly gone up in my estimations!! I was put off initially hearing this track... given it a fair chance now and Tim actually does a really nice job.

I think there are a few nice covers on this CD.

The new single isn't that bad actually. At least it's about 700 times better than kokomo anyway! Here's the promo thingy for it:

14/05/12 05:09 am, jpwhiteside, Atlanta, USA

I picked up a copy of the MOJO Pet Sounds tribute this weekend. I was SHOCKED to see Sean's production credit as "ex-High Llama, Sean O'Hagan"

Did I miss something?