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12/01/12 05:01 am, hejafish, , England

The High Llamas scored film 'Sunburn' is up on youtube in it's entirety: See part one here:

Or watch my edited version if you're just interested in the music:

13/01/12 05:28 am, Raposo Loves You, , NULL

 Wow, amazing!!!!! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to compile the music from the film. It's really great; I wish they could release it...



13/01/12 10:34 am, richj, exeter, uk

Great work hejafish!

14/01/12 01:52 am, hejafish, , England

Don't want to put this under a new heading as I feel like I'm hogging the message board already!!! But.... I just want to say that I've recently been acquiring all the High Llamas records (as well as some other favourite albums) on vinyl and listening to them is a fantastic experience and highly recommended!!! Been listening to some Tom Ze recently also..great stuff! Anyone recommend any albums by him? He's done a lot!

---- just realised something a few days since this post...  the reason I started listening to Tom Ze was because I heard a song on a compilation cd I have and! this sounds just like the High Llamas..but it was credited to Tom Ze only. Anyway...turns out that it was the High Llamas after all!!! Remixing his song Curiosidade:  

Always a good day when you discover a new High Llamas song :¬)

15/01/12 10:56 am,, Leeds, England


 Like the Tom Ze  remix..............infact it reprises Bach Ze's main melody.Its really good.

    Always something new the way methinks a new video should go on the front end

 instead of the wonderful Kabons Christmas ...preferably a video to go with Garden Green (Detroit Shines)