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Happy New Year!

31/12/11 01:32 am, hejafish, , England

Happy new year to The High Llamas and Llama fans everywhere!

Talahomi Way was one of the records which made my year.

Wishing the best to everybody in 2012!

Here's a download link I found to a Llama session:


oh.. and thanks to littlecollie for the advice on buying the Christmas Songs album..great website that! (I could quickly become very poor!)



31/12/11 02:58 am, katie-mintie, Halifax, UK

Happy New Year to Llamas and Llamas lovers everywhere!

Thanks, little collie, for the  Christmas Songs link. It will be going on my list for next Christmas!

Thanks, hejafish, for all your great links and suggestions throughout the years. I'm looking forward to listening to this arctic radio session.

After seeing the Llamas in York early in December, we've been inspired to rediscover all of the albums and have ended the year overcome by the depth and brilliance of their output. Then hejafish puts Kabon's Christmas on youtube and makes our year complete! 

H - as a request to you as fount of all things Llamas, would you be able to put Farringdon Turn on youtube at some point? Beet, Maize & Corn is a treasure and a masterpiece so I'm intrigued by the idea of an extra track but have not yet managed to find it. If you could do the job for us we would be delighted.

All best wishes for 2012. Let's hope it won't be too long before we can all see Sean and the Lads again.

31/12/11 09:38 am,, Leeds, England


 Thanks to all llamas fans for their great contributions.The podcast was lovely.

 By the way Beet Maize and Corn is a classic...I'd like to hear Farringdon Turn too.

 That main melody that pervades "High on the Chalk"Holly Hills" is pure genius.

   Two wishes for 2012...that Sean writes a classic for Brian , and that The Llamas

 release more new material.

  Berry Adams

03/01/12 01:15 am, hejafish, , England

mm.. very difficult to get hold of Farringdon Way...

I would love to hear it too!

Somebody posted the lyrics on an earlier msg board:

Leave a minute to wander alone / Red steel wheels on the cobble and stone / Engines turning, the freezers are full / Time in Farringdon never stands still

Then from nowhere, a siren rings out / Men in grey coats will bustle and shout / Morning's hopeful but night's full of doubt / ...and (unknown) carpets the ground

We are shaking, our homes are not new / Large grey buildings with nothing to do / Give the city a decade to change / Nothing useful and nothing is strange

Streaming headlines will merge into one / Catch the zig-zag, the colours will run / Keep it hidden from (different sight)? / ...and (unknown) carpets the ground

Streaming headlines will merge into one / Catch the zig-zag, the colours will run / Keep it hidden from (different sight)? / ...and (unknown) carpets the ground

03/01/12 12:05 pm, hejafish, , England

Yes br.kitson, I would also love Sean and Brian to collaborate on something. I didn't know that this had previously been suggested by the Beach Boys to Brian!! :

On the other hand... I have a better and more realistic idea... a band called the Surf School Dropouts from (Norway or Sweden I think??).. have the vocal talents of the Beach Boys and I am sure they would all jump at the chance to collaborate with Sean!

Here's a Llama remix I found of a Kahimi Karie track: