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So The Beach Boys are finally reuniting

16/12/11 07:49 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

and they're doing a new album together. Gonna guess Sean's out this time. Man, if only... There's no way the new album's going to be good. No way whatsoever. 

17/12/11 10:20 am,, Leeds, England


  Well  I  dont believe it..the Beach Boys Reuniting !

  However without Dennis/Carl it seems hard to imagine.

  But perhaps  Bruce,Brian,Al,Mike  and others may surprise us all.

  The recent Smile Sessions proves that they were a remarkable band.

  New stuff?Well maybe Sean might just send them another great  song or two  to record

   Good luck to The Beach Boys

   "You are my sunshine.."     Berry


19/12/11 06:11 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 If Sean were involved, which I know he won't be, it'd be a great 50th anniversary album. I predict, however, an album with the saccharine sheen of Brian's 2004 SMiLE and not much in the way of songwriting. In a perfect world this album would be stamped by The High Llamas.

18/01/12 10:27 am, Kinderman, Wexford, Ireland

I don't hold out much hope for it being any good either, is there a definitive account out there about Sean's experience with the 1990s Beach Boys or does anyone on here have the skinny about what happened?  I've heard that Mike Love conducted himself with his usual sophisticated, likeable persona, especially with regard to Sean (who obviously could take any crap thrown at him by the likes of Mike Love and his entourage).