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York gig

05/12/11 01:36 am, badmoodbear, Hebden Bridge, UK

  Many thanks to Sean and the band for coming to play for the Yorkshire Llamoids. The music was just sublime, gentle, colourful, exciting. Those of us stood round the stage all felt it profoundly, I think it's safe to say. What a shame about the rabble at the bar. York's full of good pubs, if you want to chat with your mates why on earth would you pay to go to a venue? Er, I'm afraid I'm the the one who yelled for them to shut up at one point. I'm a bit embarrassed about that, I do apologise. It's not big or clever. What a contrast to the gig at the Deaf Institute in Manchester last year, when there were probably 150 people in the audience and you could have heard a pin drop. I did drop a pin at one point, and everyone heard it. But the background noise didn't spoil it on saturday, it's still the most exciting thing we've done all year!

05/12/11 01:54 am, hejafish, , England

@badmoodbear.  Good on you for shouting at them to shut up! Don't feel bad! It is in fact big and clever and you should be proud! I really can't stand ignorant people... it is totally rude and the ones who came to enjoy the music are expected to just stand by and let it happen..not me!! I was also at the Deaf Inst gig.. yes it was great... the gig before that was at the Manchester venue 'Band on the Wall' where some people on the balcony were talking really loud during the first few songs so I confronted both of them and they shut up. I really f***ing hate people who talk through gigs!!!!!!!!  Here is a great clip of Jeff Tweedy humbly lecturing his audience on this:

ps... Please Llama fans... put out the High Llamas music however, wherever and whenever you can... tell friends family... do compilation cds... anything!!! Contact your local radio stations.. contact your Mayors for God sake!!! The Llamas should be bigger and deserve more respect!!!!!!!! Oh I really need to calm down.. just got a phoney phonecall to top it all off!!! Going for a cup of tea! phew...

05/12/11 04:51 am, enjoy bell woods, South Florida, USA

 Wish I could see them live, but I'm fairly certain they're not playing the US anytime soon. I was a week or two late to Manchester this year and ended up seeing Clinic at the Deaf Institute... Wish it'd been The Llamas, as they're one of my favorite bands of all time and will likely be so 'til I die.


Anyway, I can't stand loud people at concerts. I can't understand it, particularly when it seems like the music is too loud for them to even understand what they're saying to each other. Good job.

05/12/11 07:31 am,, Leeds, England


 Hi guys

  sorry I could not make the york gig.I was upset to hear about the idiots who spoilt things.

  I too went to the Deaf Institute gig which was brilliant and beautifully mannered.

 Still love the lads


20/12/11 09:27 am, James L, Leeds, UK

I was at the York gig with three friends and we all loved it (despite the annoying people at the bar) it was great to be up close and see the Llamas doing their thing.  They seem to get better with age, Sean seems more relaxed and less studious in his approach.