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The tour begins!

02/12/11 02:04 am, GT, , NULL

Hello all

I haven't posted here before, but thought I'd stop by and say hello after seeing the gig at Norwich Arts Centre last night.

You won't be surprised if I tell you that it was terrific! Great selection of songs from 'Talahomi', plenty of old favourites and an exciting "trumpet debut" from one S O'Hagan on 'Ill-Fitting Suits'.

Sean and colleagues: thanks so much for heading out to The Wild East on your travels this time around. I'm sorry the Arts Centre wasn't rammed to the rafters for you, but it was clear from the people around me that everyone who'd come along GOT IT and was loving it.

Merch update: both the 'Settlers and Travellers' EP and Record Store Day 7" were still available, so don't forget your wallet!

Be pleased to hear how the other dates are!

03/12/11 12:09 pm, juzzy, , United Kingdom

 Hi, I haven't posted before either but I have to concur - last night was fantastic. I'm a long term fan but have never had the opportunity to see The Llamas live, and I have to say that the Norwich gig was every bit as good as I hoped it would be, despite the lack of moshpit. Grabbed the EP and 7" as well. Great stuff!

Should have played 'Track Goes By', though.

04/12/11 11:07 am, marginal and troublesome, Nottingham, UK

Track Goes By was played at The Stables on Friday night.  Sean said that there have been hour long live versions in the past, when they have a flute or sax.  Taunting us, he was!   Ill Fitting Suits was another highlight - keep the brass section!


05/12/11 11:13 am, juzzy, , United Kingdom

 The Flute in Track Goes By is magic - my favourite piece of Llamas music.

Maybe I'll witness it next tour...