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Aéropop Revisited EP - Premiere of Sean O'Hagan's version of Aérosuite

14/02/14 11:00 am, Alex, Bergen, Norway

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to briefly let you know that I'll be releasing a remix EP later this year called Aéropop Revisited, featuring versions of album tracks from Aéropop made by Sean O'Hagan, John McEntire, Andy Ramsay & Joe Watson, David LeBleu, Orwell and Crookram. Truly excited about this! Under the Radar just premiered Sean O'Hagan's version of Aérosuite, and I hope you'll enjoy it! Also hope to see some of you at SXSW in March? Wishing you an excellent weekend! All the best, Alexander

15/02/14 02:50 pm, c in dc, , USA

Love that song, can't wait to get the EP! Nice  work, Alex!

18/02/14 04:36 pm, corozal2, salt lake city, USA

This remix is the cat's meow. Love it. The source material is pretty splendid too.