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New record from longtime Llamas fan...

21/04/14 01:58 am, Karlsson, NYC, USA

Longtime lurker, very occasional post-er.As I've been lucky enought to say to Sean himself, the reason my 29 year old self got back into music - after a ten year break - was hearing Gideon Gaye when it came out.  Blew my mind completely.  And, of course, have continued to be a huge fan so wanted to post a link to my latest album, which just came out on Folkwit Records: are a couple of videos, too:'t make a claim for this sounding particularly Llamas-like, but maybe it'll make sense to folks who enjoy their records.Thanks for letting me break in with this promotional message!Daniel 

21/04/14 01:59 am, Karlsson, NYC, USA

Wow, my formatting got all messed up.  Sorry about that...