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Hi everyone

20/07/14 09:50 pm, hejafish, , England

Hello Llama fans the world over.Been a while since I commented on here although I have been checking the msg board ow and again. Did u all see the Felix the Cat footage on Youtube? Looked great! Did anyone go?No lack of music for me.. new favs include a young lad out of Brooklyn called Alex G.. here's a bit of a playlist of stuff I've been listening to recently kicked off Youtube last month with over 500 followers for uploading copyrighted stuff.. the final straw was for an Ivor Cutler video can u believe it. Hate the record industry.. hopefully copyright will be a thing of the past soon.  So been busy uploading all my videos again bit by bit including the Kabons Christmas video. Well.. just thought I'd say hiya to everyone.. hopefully we'll all have some good news soon! The new Ghost box record sounds great (ordered my copy!)...and with the new tours.. just a matter of time I'm sure!Oh ps.. did u know Yani Maritnelli finally released a physical CD version of her 2012 album Bubble Station? And I even get a mention in the credits!!!Any recomendations on any new music??Enjoy the summer everybody!! :)