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Retrospective-Chord Study-Whats New Sean?

25/10/17 10:29 am,, Leeds, England

  Hi guys Brent in Leeds here..just playing a collection of very listenable High Llams stuff. i wondered what Sean was up to in late 2017?.... I've recently been studying some music ....chord structures...notably Stevie Wonder..."My Cherie Amour" and "Until You  Come Back To Me" Brian Wilson's "Lets go Away For A While"Great use of chords i must say.....  Anyway whilst playing around on keyboards i cam across a lovely new ideaas simple as  4 chord run.....  Emi7th , Cmaj7th, Bm7th   ,Ami7th .........Still I'll get back to the brilliant  Bobby's Court from Buzzle Bee.....Cheers 

25/10/17 10:30 am,, Leeds, England

Brent's email is now thanks.